Your Home May Be at Risk if You Have These Plumbing Problems

bathroom-plumbing-jpgFlood damage to a home can happen for many reasons. The chief cause of residential flooding is usually directly related to plumbing issues. A flooded home is a mess to clean up and expensive to fix. This is why at Norwalk Easy Plumbing Service we believe it is important to take care of any plumbing problems right away.

Plumbing Problems that Can Cause Flooding

As you read this blog post, there are hundreds of gallons of water are moving through the pipes in your home. You anticipate that the water will move through the drains and pipes as designed, but sometimes that doesn’t happen. Every day plumbers in Norwalk answer calls from terrified homeowners because their kitchen floor is flooded or raw sewage is overflowing from the toilets.  At [insert company name], we’ve put together a list of plumbing problems that have the potential to cause flooding:

•             Undetected slab leaks

•             Clogged toilets

•             Leaky or broken pipes

•             Corroded pipes

•             Damaged sewer lines

•             Improperly installed piping

•             Broken sump pumps

If you have a higher than average water bill, hear rushing water through your pipes when the water is turned off, or have water or sewage backing up into your sinks or tub after flushing the toilet, call one of our plumbers right away. Something is wrong with your plumbing system and needs to be addressed immediately.

Norwalk Easy Plumbing Service is available around the clock to respond to your plumbing emergencies. Don’t let a plumbing problem get out of hand and cause your home to flood. Call us today!


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