Are You Falling for these Common Sewer Repair Myths?


When was the last time you had your home’s sewer line inspected? If you don’t think this is an important maintenance task, think again. Many sewer line ruptures and subsequent water damage could have been avoided with a simple sewer line inspection. Here are some myths that homeowners believe about this important plumbing service.

Myth 1 – Nothing Is Wrong If I Don’t Smell Raw Sewage

By the time you smell raw sewage you probably have a costly repair ahead of you. Sewer lines can back up for weeks or months without smelling. Just because your sniffer isn’t detecting the scent as a bloodhound does, doesn’t mean a problem doesn’t exist.

Myth 2 – I Don’t Have A Lot of Drainage Problems

Even infrequent drainage problems can be a sign of a clogged sewer line. If you’ve tried plunging and you’re still experiencing problems, call a plumber in Norwalk, CA, for a sewer line inspection. Maybe it’s just a small clog that is past the bend in your bathroom plumbing. But what if it’s something more serious? Wouldn’t you want to know?

Myth 3 – My Home Is too New to Have Sewer Problems

Sewer line clogs don’t just happen in older homes. New homes can have problems too. This is especially true if you have been in the habit of flushing anything and everything down the toilet. Flushing items like tampons, pads, cleansing wipes, and paper towels can quickly lead to problems. It doesn’t matter if your home is 2 years old or 50-years-old.

Myth 4 – Sewer Line Inspection Services Cost Too Much

Hands down this myth gets more people in trouble than any other. The assumption that plumbers are too expensive leads to more costly repairs than if you just called for preventive maintenance services. At Norwalk Easy Plumbing Service, for instance, we offer several ways to save on preventive plumbing services. Head over to our coupon page and check out the latest offers, which include a FREE sewer camera inspection with drain cleaning services.

Don’t put your home’s plumbing at risk because you are getting the wrong information. When in doubt, call professional plumbers in Norwalk. We’ll always point you in the right direction and work with you to find cost-effective ways to fix your plumbing problems.

Fixing sewer problems early is always the best way to keep more money in your pocket. Schedule a service call today with Norwalk Easy Plumbing Service.

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