Outstanding Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement Service

When your garbage disposal isn’t working like it should, you don’t have to throw in the towel and head straight to the home improvement store to buy a new model. Instead, give Norwalk Easy Plumbing Service a call and learn about the many ways we can assist you with garbage disposal repair in Norwalk, California.

Disposal are kitchen appliances that make cleaning up after cooking and eating a meal easy, but these plumbing appliances are also prone to breakdowns. This is because the disposal is one of the most used appliances in your home and the most misunderstood. Many service calls we receive could be prevented if homeowners understood how to properly use their disposal.

Garbage Disposal Usage Tips

If you’re like most homeowners, you’ve probably heard that running hot water while rinsing food down the kitchen sink drain and disposal is the proper technique to make sure any cooking oils or grease are properly eliminated. This is actually a myth that can give you a false sense that there isn’t any grease or fat clogging your drains. In actuality, you want to run cold water through your disposal when it is in use. Cold water will not melt fat and grease, but harden it. When these substances solidify, the disposal can chop them up into little pieces and prevent the substances from hardening further in your pipes.

Another common misconception is that the garbage disposal can handle any type of food. This is far from true. In fact, certain fibrous material found in foods like celery, potato skins, onion peels, and even carrot shavings can easily get stuck between the blades making it hard for the propeller to turn. We urge our customers to be picky about what they feed their garbage disposal. Stick with food waste that is left over on your plate, cooking utensils, or in your pots and pans. This is the kind of food that is intended to be placed in the disposal.

Garbage Disposal Replacement

Not every service call we respond to can be fixed. While our plumbers do their best to repair problems, sometimes the appliance is either irreparable or it makes better sense to replace instead of repair. As a premier plumbing service in Norwalk, CA, our number one goal is to save our customers money. No matter what one of our plumbing contractors suggests to you, we can assure you that we’re making suggestions that are always in your best financial interest.

To schedule an appointment or for more maintenance tips, connect with us online, through social media, or old school it and give us a call today! We also offer professional, same-day toilet repair and installation services.